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Exclude Your Company IP Addresses From Google Analytics Tracking


Google-Analytics-IconSo you’ve just put up a new website, Google Analytics is up and running and you just can’t wait to see the data roll in!  Without your help, Google has no way of distinguishing your coworkers eagerly viewing the new site from external users. That means the analytics data in your reports are skewed by at least some degree. Now you might be able to simply segment out the data after the fact but it is a better practice to not collect this data at all. Enter IP Address Filtering.

If you are only have a few specific IP addresses to exclude or

  1. Navigate to the Admin section (as opposed to Reporting) of your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select the Account, Property and View that corresponds to your site.
  3. Select Filters from the View column.
  4. Click Add Filter.
  5. Select the Create new Filter radio button
  6. Enter a Filter Name that is unique and easily identifiable. ie Joanna’s Work ComputerCarl’s Home Computer, Osiris Industries Subnet, etc
  7. Under Filter Type, select Predefined (as opposed to Custom).
  8. Click the Select filter type dropdown and choose Exclude.

If you are excluding a specific IP address then:

  1. Click the Select expression dropdown and choose that are equal to.
  2. Enter the IPv4 (ie or IPv6 (ie 2620:0:10e2:2:c4bc:9fd2:974f:cf19) address you would like to exclude in the IP address field.
  3. Click Save.

If you are excluding an entire subnet of IP addresses (ie not everyone at your company has the same IP address but they all begin with the same prefix: 192.168.1,,, etc):

  1. Click the Select expression dropdown and choose that begin with.
  2. Enter the IP address without the subnet (ie 192.168.1).
  3. Click Save.

For testing purposes, you can use Google’s Tag Assistant Plugin or just try browsing the site with the new filter turned on and turned off and check the reports to see if your actions were logged or not.



Here are some other resources that might be helpful:

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