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Frequently Asked Questions
aka stuff we get asked all the time

How much do you charge?

Every project is different so we treat them that way. Our pricing is based on the number of hours involved and how complex the work will be. Thus, to determine a price, we first need to discuss your project and the technical requirements. To get the ball rolling, check out our Start a Project page.

How long will my project take?

At the risk of sounding repetitive: Every Project is Different. Remember, we told you that just to the left when you asked how much will it cost. Once we have more information on your project and what it will entail, we can start to put together a timeline. To get started, let us know about your project on the Start a Project page.

Why work with Invex?

We are passionate about both the clients we work with and the projects we work on. We've built a lot of successful relationships spanning across many different industries through quality work and results-driven solutions. We love working with organizations and people that enjoy collaboration, appreciate our creative input and understand the value of what we can do to make their business more successful. If this sounds like a good fit, get in touch with us and let's make something great together.

Who do you work with? What industries?

No discrimination here, we love working with anybody who can benefit from our services and is willing to collaborate. We’ve worked with park districts, attorneys, museums, doctors, hospitals, industrial steel manufacturers, and a slew of other companies. A good client relationship stems from a mutual respect and appreciation of each other’s work, so if you’re willing to get to know us, we’re willing to get to know you. And if you do anything related to brewing beer, please drop what you’re doing and call us now.

So you do graphics AND coding?

Yes we do.We believe that it’s not just about how something looks or how it functions, but the marriage of these facets of a project that can truly make it great. We pay equal attention to both design and development to produce the best solutions for our clients. Head on over to the Services page for a full list of all the cool stuff we do.

I'm from (insert foreign country), want to outsource your SEO to me for #1 rankings?

While we appreciate the endless barrage of SPAM email, we prefer to do the work ourselves. So we’re all good, thanks though.

Still more questions? See what our clients have to say