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Web Design & Development

10+ Years of Web Design & Programming Experience

In a world where information is always at our fingertips, a website is a necessity for any business. So if you don't have a website or you feel like yours is lacking, let us help you find the missing piece. At Invex Design, web design and development is our specialty and we pride ourselves on creating innovative, afforadable web solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our sites range from basic XHTML and CSS to dynamic PHP and MySQL driven sites and contain the latest in JavaScript techniques including interactive Google Map applications. We tailor all of our sites to our client's specifications with the goal being to design a unique website for your company that will set you apart from your competitors. In an ever growing online world, establish your web presence today.

App Development

iOS, Android & Mobile-Based Application Development

People don't always equate cell phones or mobile devices with business; however, with technology constantly improving, they are becoming more and more integrated into today's business world. With everything you can do on your phone today, why shouldn't you be able to control your site from the palm of your hand? At Invex Design, we can develop custom applications for the iPhone OS as well as Android that allow you to sync up with your online databases, manage web content, upload pictures, and much more right from your phone or mobile device. Want to ensure your website is never more than an arm's length away?

Web Hosting Development

Web, Email, Database & Application Hosting

Our web hosting lets you be the administrator of your site. Our dedicated servers ensure fast download/upload speeds so users won't be kept waiting by slow load times, and our optimized cPanel puts creating email accounts, monitoring site traffic, and an array of other plugins including newsletter and mailing list capabilties all at your fingertips. Not web savvy? No problem. Sign up for a plan with included update hours and we'll do the work for you. Our mail server comes with our customized Web 2.0 mail skin and a web calendar allowing users to create, share, and edit events online that can be seen by all users on the domain.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, SEM & PPC Campaigns

Our expert SEO team will assess your situation and quickly execute steps that will start your journey to the top of the search engine result page. Our SEO professionals have helped many Chicago businesses transform their website into one of the top lead generation tools in their company. The SEO landscape is constantly evolving. We stay on top of all of the latest changes so you don't have to. We know what search engines look for when evaluating which websites should rank in the top results and we use that knowledge to improve your bottom line.


Logo Design, Print Work & Branding Services

An identity is the foundation of a brand on which the supporting brand elements will rest upon. Building an identity starts with creating a logo that evokes emotion, is unique, memorable, and timeless. Once established, we determine colors, typefaces, social media graphics, and all the necessary supporting elements to begin building brand recognition.


Email & Social Media Marketing

Along with search engine optimization, Invex has 10+ years of experience running social media & email marketing for a large range of companies from big to small.


Multimedia Production Services

Motion video is the fastest and most effective way to tell your story. Gone are the days of massive paragraphs of text. Ain’t nobody got time for that. With motion, you can create a foundation of knowledge for your viewers right away, in seconds. Using motion is a great way to explain a process, highlight a unique product or service, show how your mobile app works, or present a problem and solution in seconds.